European Imaging & Sound Association Names Product as
Top High-End Turnable for 2017-2018

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Sept. 7, 2017) – ELAC, a leading global provider of high-performance speakers and electronics, proudly announced that its Miracord 90 Annivesary Turntable won the EISA Award for Best Product 2017-2018 in the High-End Turnable category. Named by the European Imaging & Sound Association, the EISA Awards are voted on by expert judging panels from more than 50 leading specialist magazines in 25 countries that cover the complete range of consumer electronics products, including hi-fi, home theater, in‑car electronics, photography, video and mobile devices.

In recognizing the Miracord 90 Annivesary Turntable, EISA stated the following: “This artfully reimagined record player fuses traditional values with contemporary design. Its substantial MDF chassis comes in a choice of lavish finishes, providing a solid foundation for the heavy, belt‑driven platter. Electronic speed control gives stable running and variable pitch, while the carbon-fibre tonearm includes a cartridge specially developed for ELAC, making sweet analogue music. It’s a great comeback from one of the legends of vinyl.”

“Vinyl is popular among audiophiles, and ELAC Miracord remains an iconic name from the golden era of the long-playing disc. The ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary draws on this legacy to set the highest standard of sound, workmanship and mechanical precision,” said Chris Walker, vice president of product development, ELAC. “The Best Product Award from EISA validates our approach to combine superlative engineering, exquisite build quality and premium materials into an award-worthy turntable, and we are thrilled to be recognized with this prestigious honor.”

For optimum audio pickup from vinyl and reproduction, the Miracord 90’s MDF chassis rests on special silicone feet that decouple the deck from the surface on which it is placed. Its aluminum platter sits on a sub-platter with a hardened steel axis that rotates on an 8‑millimeter ruby ball bearings for minimal friction. The axis is mounted using high-quality sintered bronze bearing bushings.

The Miracord 90’s motor is double-decoupled from the chassis and tonearm. Its advanced carbon-fiber tonearm and a high-resolution moving magnetic cartridge developed in cooperation with leading professional audio equipment manufacturer Audio-Technica come pre-aligned for accurate reproduction and perfect channel separation.

The ELAC Miracord 90 Annivesary Turntable is currently available for $2,499.98 at authorized retailers or

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